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About Tom Browne

With 38 years' experience as a doctor across three continents, Tom settled in the UK 20 years ago where he has been caring for the people of Essex as a Consultant Vascular and General Surgeon at Mid-Essex Hospital Trust (Broomfield).


He practices at both the Chelmsford Medical Centre and Springfield Hospital in Chelmsford, Essex. He specialises in a wide variety of vascular conditions including endovascular aneurysm surgery, carotid artery surgery, varicose vein treatments and hernia repair.


Tom received his undergraduate degree from the Royal College of Surgeons in his native Ireland and his postgraduate degrees from the Royal College of Surgeons London and the conjoint colleges of Surgeons of the UK and Ireland.


He received his Masters of Surgery from the University College Dublin for his work on small diameter vascular grafts. He continued his training with Mr. Bill Humphreys, Mr. Otto Klimach, and Mr. David Hay, in the UK.


He trained in Royal Perth Hospital, Australia, with Michael Lawrence-Brown and Mr. David Hartley, the world-renowned endovascular team. It was there that Mr. Browne invented the fenestrated endovascular graft, now deployed in more than 5000 patients worldwide.


Tom was one of the first surgeons to use endovenous techniques for laser treatment of varicose veins. He continues to stay in the forefront of modern advances for the treatment of these conditions.

Tom has published in excess of 75 Papers, Presentations and other works. He is a clinical tutor, an instructor for the Royal College Basic Surgical Training and introduced the comprehensive endovascular program for his hospital.


As the head of the Vascular Department in Broomfield Hospital, Tom initiated the dedication of the Vascular Laboratory to Mr. Peter Martin, one of the founding fathers of the Vascular Surgical Society, whose opinion was sought from all corners of the globe. He helped to build up the vascular unit to the thriving unit it is today – providing a one-stop clinic furnished with two full-time vascular nurse specialists, a ‘stop-smoking’ nurse, 3 vascular scientists, and access to the most modern hybrid theatre in Europe that he helped design. 

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Founder: Tom Browne


Our Hospital is helping the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia We are working with the individual doctors, nurses, admin, maintenance and all departments in a cross-departmental teaching capacity.


Everyone working in any capacity in Broomfield/St Andrews is invited to be a part of this very progressive work. The project is in it's 8th year and has affected real change in both Luska and Broomfield.


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