Ingrown toenails

Ingrown toenails

Causes of ingrown toenails

Ingrown toenails happen when the nail edges grown into the skin surrounding  the toe, this occurs most often in your big toe.

while you can often treat ingrown toenails at home, complications can arise that need medical treatment. Especially if you have poor circulation of diabetes.

Surgical treatment

The surgeon can partially remove the nail. This proves to be 98% effective in preventing future ingrown toenails

Total nail removal is also an option, espically if the ingrown toenail is casued by 'thickening" of the nail. This is called a Matrixectomy.

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  • cutting your toenails incorrectly

  • Poor posture

  • genetic predisposition to having ingrown toenails

  • poor foot hygiene

  • Toe trauma - stubbing your toe 

  • repetitive strain - i.e kicking a ball repeatedly 

  • Tender skin beside the toenail

  • pain when pressure is applied to toe

  • fluid build up in the toe

  • oozing pus from infected area

  • overgrown skin around the toe

Symptoms include: 

After Surgery

You can go home immediately after surgery. It is advised that you keep you foot raised as much as possible over the next two days.

As much as is feasible, avoid tight shoes and movement of the foot. Over the next few days the surgeon will prescribe pain relief medication and antibiotics.