Theses are a few short snippets of testimonials from over the two years :

2019 JH Thank you very much for what you've done for me.
2019 SW looking forward to wearing a dress in the summer.
2019 GH all good now thank you.
2019 ML it all went fantastic.
2019 PD I hadn't realised the hernia caused so much troublesome now I
Don't have any problems.
2019 RJ there was so little discomfort following the Surgery it made a pleasant surprise.
2019 DP really glad I had my hernia done it was a real nuisance .
2019 EP I am back at full activities now again I was dancing last night,
first time in ages.
2019 CS I am really pleased with the outcome, if I had known it was so trouble free I would have had it done earlier.
2019 PH Thank you so much I am back to full activities after this hernia op.
2019 Pmc G Thank you very much for everything you've done, I am back to full activities.
2019 DH Thank you very much it's gone very well and I've got over the op quickly.
2019 JG I am back on my bike now and pain free, thank you.
2019 CC I am really happy, dancing away, no more itching pain or aching, thank you.
2019 DA Brilliant thank you.
2019 JK I am walking better than I did 20 years ago.
2019 RH sorted, thrilled,glad I had it done, legs feel much lighter.
2019 DW Brilliant I can go back to my gardening now. Hernia op.
2019 TB I feel tons better. Post op hernia.
2019 PC you did a Google job, thanks. Post op hernia.
2019 BA I'm chuffed post op veins.
2019 ID I am very pleased with the outcome. Veins op.
2019 LB I can wear boots now as the veins on my ankles which were sore
Are now gone. Veins op.
2019 JS I am delighted with the result. Vein op
2019 VV I am very pleased wth the outcome of my operation. Hernia
2019 RS all is fine now, very happy. Hernia op.

2020 JSD I'm very happy with result in fact I'm delighted. Veins op
2020 RJ I'm really happy with the outcome. Vein and skin lesion.
2020 RD The lump is gone now, really appreciate your help. Hernia op
2020 JH I'm really pleased with the way it looks. Umbilical hernia repair
2020 AB I appreciate such a good job. Vein op
2020 JL I am very pleased, it's nice to get out of bed and feel your guts are not going to fall out.

2020 TO Everthing was great, thank you. Post op hernia
2020 DB All brilliant thanks very much
2020 MS Thank you for all you did for me, very grateful. Post op hernia.
2020 AD You’ve done a brilliant job, thank you.
2020 CN I am very happy with the result of the Surgery.
2020 KH I am very pleased with the results. Hernia op.
2020 CD. Thanks its been good. Hernia op
2020 MF. I am so pleased with what you’ve done. Hernia op.
2020 PH. I AM REAlly pleased and back again walking upright. Hernia op
2020 CO,R. I am very happy with the treatment. Vein op
2020 JD. I have had no pain at all. Vein op
2020 JS. Fantastic to be honest its made it a lot more comfortable. Hernia op
2020 JD The pain is all gone, I am very grateful. Vein patient
2020 BB I am very pleased with the outcome. Vein op
2020 MP I am ver happy with the result. Vein op
2020 CL I am really very pleased with the treatment. Vein op
2020 JMcD I am extremely pleased with the outcome I had no pain. Vein op
2020 AS I was amazed there was so little discomfort. Vein op
2020 GS I didn’t need to finish the course of pain killers after the op, thank you. Hernia op
2020 HS-U The ulcer is healed and I am out of pain now, thank you. Vein op
2020 ES I’ve had no pain, its been great. Vein op