Theses are a few short snippets of testimonials from over the years :

2014 L.H. 'The aches are gone and so is the swelling, thank you.'

2014 dw 'Very pleased with the outcome, thank you'

2014 JFK  'feels good no problems'

2014 kr 'I don't get fidgety legs anymore and I don't have to hang them out the side of the bed'

2014 jy 'I don't have any pain now when I walk the dogs.'

2014 cw 'fantastic no bruising like as if the veins were never there'

2014 mt 'many thanks no pain I am back to a full swing at the golf (hernia)'

2014 jj 'doesn't hurt now its lovely '

2014 kh 'it's been great a lot better than I thought.'

2014 cw 'I am really please'

2014 ws 'I will be wearing shorts in the garden for the first time in years'

2014 jw "I am absolutely delighted it looks much better and the aching is gone"

2014 el "it's lovely to be able to wear skirts again"

20114 mf "delighted with my hand its dry now"

2014 sh " I am really thrilled with result"

2014 rtf "my leg feels 10 x lighter"

2014 kp " I can wear a skirt now"


C2015 cw "I am very pleased. With the outcome"

2015 Le " I can go on holidays now and wear skirt"

2015 sc "the horrible ache is gone, it's so much better"

2015 JS " I've got my ankle back"

2015 KH " I am very pleased both my legs look the same now"


2016 KH ref 5042 "it's fantastic"


2018 BN "I am really happy with it"

2018 Km " brilliant I am really grateful"

2018 S.H 'it's incredible I am so pleased.'

2018 A.C 'I am very pleased with the outcome.'

2018 R.L 'things have turned out very well'

2018 FH 'I am out of pain now and have my life back.'

2018 JB 'the throbbing I used to get while running has gone'

2018 KA 'I am really pleased with the outcome'

2018 BP 'I am very pleased with the results, it took a while but is much better.'


2019 JH 'Thank you very much for what you've done for me.'

2019 SW 'looking forward to wearing a dress in the summer.'

2019 GH 'all good now thank you.'

2019 ML 'it all went fantastic.'

2019 PD 'I hadn't realised the hernia caused so much troublesome now I 

Don't have any problems.'

2019 RJ 'there was so little discomfort following the Surgery it made a pleasant surprise.'

2019 DP 'really glad I had my hernia done it was a real nuisance '

2019 EP 'I am back at full activities now again I was dancing last night,'

 first time in ages.